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Affordable Solar Energy, a sub-division of ESL Electrical Ltd, is an Alberta Certified Professional Solar Design and Installation Company. 

  • Affordable Solar Energy, a sub-division of ESL Electrical Ltd, has served Alberta over five years to propose, design, engineer, procure and construct residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial solar and wind systems for on and off grid applications.

  • Available solar rebate programs and utility rate plans play a major factor in the payback of the solar PV systems. Affordable Solar Energy review every customer's situation at their rates and electricity usage to maximize economic gains. Remember a net zero solar design does not mean they have the fastest payback.

  • The design team consist of engineers that focus on the detailed economic analysis to maximize the return. Proposals are based on conclusions from solar production data of systems installed in the area.

  • We are registered with the Government of Alberta to operate as a pre-paid contractor with $20,000 bonded security issued from the Alberta Business License Department.

  • We operate with Five million dollar general liability insurance.

  • WCB coverage for all the employees.

Reasons Solar energy will become popular in Alberta:

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 Solar power will become a significant supplier of energy  in Alberta:

  • Green Energy: It is environmentally friendly and will provide reliable, cleaner electricity

  • Government Incentives: up to $0.75/Watt of installation cost is subsidized through the Government of Alberta

  • Economically Viable : payback between 10-13 years from utility savings

  • Warranty: 25 year panel production warranty

Affordable Solar Energy  strives to provide top quality service and maintain long term system functionality and reliability . 


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