Why Invest In A OnGrid Solar System?

Solar users prefer using their own energy first and receive credit for surplus power . They have invested in  a clean, reliable long term  source of renewable energy production.  Solar energy reduces the impact of future utility rate increases. The Alberta NDP government introduced a solar rebate program for residential and commercial properties in 2017 up to 30% of installation cost. With the government subsidy providing a faster payback , it is a great bonus to get your solar installed by Affordable Solar Energy today!


Is There Financial Assistance To Assist Purchase Of A Solar System?

Affordable Solar Energy offers financing assistance to help you install your solar system on your property. Please call today to discover the financing opportunities.


What Size Of Solar System Can I Expect For My Property?

OnGrid solar systems are used for homes in the city. A solar system mounted on the roof can produce some or most of the electricity consumed in the home. Most Canadian houses use between 5000 kWh (very efficient) and 13000 kWh(not very efficient) per year.  Solar systems can reduce electrical consumption by the following amount:

solar array.PNG

How Does An OnGrid System Work?

See the cross section of a house with solar Ongrid system. There are two basic components:

  • Solar Array: Typically two to ten kilowatts of the solar panel system, mounted on unused roof space.

  • Inverter: Converts solar energy (DC) to match utility power.

  • Racking System: Used to support and protect integrity of the solar system.



Why Are Solar Panels A Good Investment?

A solar electric panel features a 25 year 80% output warranty and usually is productive for a much longer period. This means the system you install today will produce free and reliable electricity for decades. As an investment in your home, cottage or RV, your system will enhance its value while delivering clean, quiet energy for you to use. Solar energy will also increase the appraised value of your home without paying more property tax. Now that's a smart investment!


What Happens During A Power Failure?

Grid-tie systems safely disconnect in the event of a power failure. Alberta regulations required this functionality to protect electricians and fire fighters to safely troubleshoot or disconnect electricity use during emergency situations. However we offer the option of a secure source battery backup that would run some selected loads like pumps or lighting in the event of a blackout.