Installing Solar on your home has so many positive benefits; we’ve listed just a few below. Please contact us to learn more reasons for installing solar.  

  • Reduce your electric bill

  • Act as a hedge against future electricity rate increases

  • Offer a low-risk alternative to volatile equity investments and historically low interest rates

  • Increase the value of your home (exempt from property tax increase)

  • Contribute to a better environment for future generations


Solar PV systems also add tax-free value to your home. Houses with solar PV systems sold for more than comparable houses without solar. This is because solar PV systems are exempt from property taxes and the increased value is not taxable. 

For most people, Alberta government incentives can offset the up-front cost of a solar energy system by approximately 30% starting in the year of 2017. The NDP government has budgeted a 36 million dollar grant to the Alberta solar industry and are projecting 10,000 new installations in the next 3 years.

Solar systems provide clean, reliable power for many years. All system components are more efficient and more reliable than ever before. Solar panels, for example, are covered by a warranty not only for quality of workmanship, but for electricity production as well. Solar panels installed by Affordable Solar Energy are guaranteed to produce more than 80% of their rated output for the entire 25 year warranty period. The panels and mounting system that go onto your roof are also incredibly durable. All of the equipment we install is ULc, TUVc or CSA listed (never buy any electrical equipment that isn’t) and so must withstand one-inch hail, extreme heat and cold, and hurricane force winds.



solar array.PNG


While grid-tied solar systems use advanced technology, the principles behind how they work are simple. Solar panels convert light energy from the sun into electric power, which then flows to an inverter where the direct current (DC) power is converted to the alternating current (AC) used in the home. From there, the electricity flows to a breaker(s) in the electric service panel on your home – from which you then consume just as you do from your utility company.

Should your home require more electricity than what is being generated by the on grid solar, additional electricity is simply pulled from the local utility company’s power grid. On the flip side, excess electricity generated flows back into the grid – actually spinning your electric meter backwards. To make sure you’re earning the maximum benefit from your solar array, contact your electricity provider for dual meter installation.


The on-grid solar system is a simple, reliable choice for homeowners looking to lower electric bills, hedge against future rate increases, and make a meaningful green energy effort to reduce your impact on the environment.