Solar energy is a mature technology with the potential to power substantial amounts of Albertas' electricity needs in the near future. As sunlight shines on the solar panel it converts solar energy to electrical energy which feeds into your energy supply system.  Watch your electrical meter spin backward and get credit for excess electrical that you can use when grid power is supplied to you.

 The benefits of solar are clear:

  • Economically feasible, payback period range between 5 to 12 years; enjoy free power for rest of panel's lifetime. Affordable Solar Energy supplies our customers with tier one solar products. Tier one solar panel manufacturers are rated in terms of their bankability and financial stability. In order to qualify for tier one rated company it has to be in solar manufacturing for longer than five years, invest significant capital in research and development of solar cells and cell manufacturing technologies and use advanced robotic processes.

  • Clean. Really clean, as in zero emissions. In the world, emissions from electricity generation are the single largest contributor to global warming.

  • Highest economic gains: rebate programs and utility rate plans play a major factor in the payback of the solar photovoltaic systems, Affordable Solar Energy is able to custom design for every customer based on their unique situation and electricity consumption to maximize economic gains. Remember a larger or net zero solar system does not mean they have the fastest payback.

  • Reliability: With no moving parts, solar panels need little maintenance and come with 25-year warranties standard.

  • Homegrown. The fuel is delivered every day, to every corner of the globe, free of charge, until the end of time.

Affordable Solar energy offers start-to-finish site procurement, design and project management on ground-mounted and rooftop solar systems, as well as large scale commercial and Industrial scale installations:

  • Consulting Services

  • Development Services

  • Project Management

  • Installation Services